WSV’s Lisha McCurry writes, “As a therapist, I wept for every client in the LGBTQIA+ community I’ve worked with who sat across from me in pain, in shame, experiencing self-doubt or internalized homophobia. Clients who I managed to bond with over superheroes and general nerd-dom, underdog stories and the fantasy worlds they escaped into when our real world was too much. I imagined them in that moment, seeing themselves on that screen, thinking ‘Loki’s like me? That’s so amazing.’”

No need to travel to the past or future, park yourself right here in the present to hear Lisha & Jules review Stefon Bristol’s 2019 time travel film, See You Yesterday! Badass goggles not required (but highly recommended, because…badass) to listen as Lisha questions why there’s so much swearing in a children’s movie (this is not a children’s movie), as Jules nerds out over sci-fi specs, and both of your podcasters give major props to the writers for utilizing this fascinating platform to highlight the injustices that exist in America’s past and present. Pull on those time travel backpack straps, kids, and let’s gooooooo!

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Put away that Quietus box in favor of listening to Lisha and Jules go on and on about Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 sci-fi thriller Children of Men! Find a nice spot in the UK countryside (preferably far away from Charlie Hunnam’s wig) and tune in as Lisha fantasizes about swapping secondary and main characters, Jules gets to properly geek out over one of her favorite sci-fi flicks, and both of your hosts lean hard into Michael Caine’s Lennon impression. This is not a happy film, but it is a ridiculous episode, so enjoy anyway!