Bites with Beca: Deadlift Coffee Company, Three Rivers

Deadlift Coffee Company is located at the corner of US 131 and Hoffman Road in Three Rivers. (Beca Welty|Watershed Voice)

A mobile coffee truck has planted new roots in a brick-and-mortar location in Three Rivers, and the town is buzzing — and not just from the caffeine! 

The citizens of our town grew accustomed to the sight of the Deadlift Coffee truck parked in its usual haunts at the crack of dawn, and when whispers of a permanent building began to spread, those same folks couldn’t wait to support the new venture. Deadlift Coffee Company opened its doors for the first time on the corner of US 131 and Hoffman Road on September 23 and, like so many other members of our community, I couldn’t wait for the chance to see it for myself.

The newly-built storefront is a beacon for caffeine with plenty of parking, a drive-thru option, and an entrance that is bright and cheerful. The parking lot is gravel, but it is worth noting that there is a paved parking area for anyone seeking handicap-accessible spaces. 

With an industrial-style decor vibe, scores of funky and retro coffee grinders displayed on the walls, and ample seating scattered throughout, Deadlift has managed to create an ideal spot to congregate with friends. There are even cozy armchairs beside a fireplace to snuggle up with your favorite brew, and settle in with these snowier months ahead of us. 

This coffee shop offers all the classic coffee options (also hot teas, iced teas, and smoothies), and my coffee companion selected a cappuccino ($4.50) while I went with a vanilla latte ($4.50) and blueberry muffin ($1.50). Other assorted food items include breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, and muffins or donuts. Our drinks were made and served promptly, and we grabbed the only available table on a Friday morning. The shop was steadily busy with customers trickling in for their morning fix as we sipped our piping-hot coffees and watched the traffic flow  both inside and out.

Deadlift Coffee Company is injecting our community with a jolt of caffeine while giving us an opportunity to support an independent business. Turning to a locally-owned cafe the next time you need a cup of joe means you are giving back to our community, and encouraging more growth of this nature in our town…I’ll drink to that!

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