Screen Tea Podcast: Blair Witch

James Allen McCune in Blair Witch (2016, IMDb)

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! For their Halloween episode, your hosts have chosen to cover one of the only decent spooky movie sequels made in recent history: Adam Wingard’s 2016 sequel to the Blair Witch Project: Blair Witch! (Which, really y’all? Who gave this movie such awful reviews? WHERE IS YOUR SENSE OF FUN?!)

Take a nice stroll into the woods while you listen as Lisha has yet another existential crisis over whether she loves or hates time travel, as Jules tries to mash characters together, and as both of your hosts manage to give themselves full-body chills over some popular internet theories (we’re looking at you, weird stretchy monster thing!). We’re all basic bitches come Halloween, so hunker down with that pumpkin spice beverage and hit that play button; just remember to leave the stick men be, m’kay?

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Happy listening!

Your hosts Lisha and Jules are an artist and a mental health professional. Have fun figuring out which is which, but also…be careful not to mess it up. They hail from Michigan, love movies, and served tacos at their lesbian wedding.

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