Glen Oaks Community College contributed $39.9 million to the local economy in 21-22, study finds

Glen Oaks Community College (GOCC) recently released results of a study conducted to quantify the economic impact of the college on the local community.

The study, which was conducted in partnership with Lightcast, and specifically spotlighted fiscal year 2021-22, found that GOCC’s operational expenditures injected $9.6 million into the 13 zip codes it tracked across Branch, Cass, and St. Joseph Counties. The college’s construction projects also added an additional $500,000 boost.

Student spending contributed $600,000 to the local economy, while alumni influence generated $19.3 million. The overall economic impact of the college, according to the study, was $39.9 million, accounting for 665 jobs across the aforementioned counties.

The study also found that public investment in GOCC promises a $1.30 return for every dollar spent over students’ working lives, marking an average annual return of 1.3%.

Further information about the study will be released in April.