Doug and Alek are joined by Layne Deuel (Spartans, Wolverines and Beards Podcast) to discuss the best and WORST of sports cinema. Alek tells all of the stories including how he and his brother Shane used The Waterboy against their sister Kayla, why his Uncle Andy got in trouble for showing Mystery, Alaska to his niece and nephews, and the tragedy that occurred with Alek’s VHS copy of Space Jam. Doug finally gets to talk about hockey before absolutely roasting The Natural, while Layne waxes poetic about Little Giants, Dodgeball, and Semi-Pro in an episode that has something for everyone.

WARNING: In this week’s episode, Alek and Doug get personal. No guest, no headlines, just a pair of college best friends discussing three aspects of their lives that explain who they are, and who they hope to become. So put on your hazmat suit (unless you’re comfortable with vulnerability and intimate conversations, then you’re probably safe with just the tissues), and tune into the Season 3 premiere of Keep Your Voice Down.