Conviction in Conversation: Stop Talking About CRT! feat. Ana Luis and Ben Tapper

The Unapologetics Podcast

Season 3 is finally here! We have returned to talk about what they don’t want us to talk about: Critical Race Theory.

Today’s political climate fields competing ideas as to what it is and its function in society, education, and social interactions. This includes the church and Christian spaces where the debate has arrived at this question: is CRT compatible with the Gospel? In this season, we hope to provide (better) answers to that question and offer perspective from a variety of sources.

Episode 1 is an installment of a new mini-series called “Conviction in Conversation.” Ana Luis and Malachi A+scribe talk with Ben Tapper, podcast host of “What would it take?” and “Invisible Truths.” Together, they set the stage for conversation about the ever-growing debate on CRT’s existence at the intersection of Christianity and Black community.

Read Ben Tapper’s work here and follow his podcasts here.

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