The Unapologetics Podcast: R in R: Bloods and CRTs, Neil Shenvi’s ‘Critical Race Theory and Christianity’

The Unapologetics Podcast

How did Critical Race Theory even become a whole problem in the church? Who fired shots first? This installment of Reading in Righteousness gives attention to one Christian thought leader who has become the most prominent in White, conservative evangelical spaces concerning the topic of and opposition to Critical Race Theory — Dr. Neil Shenvi. A+scribe reads and scrutinizes his article “Critical Race Theory and Christianity” (click here to read along or on your own).

Other written works by Shenvi can be found here — this also includes his lectures and interviews.

Here are some interviews that I suggest in which Shenvi talks with Black Christians (unlike many of the interviews linked on his website):

on Unbelievable? debating Rasool Berry
on Southside Rabbi w/ KB and Ameen (also on other podcast platforms)
on Tactical Faith along with Matt Burford, and Drs Calvin Bell, Keelan Adams, & Tameka Moment (also on other podcast platforms)
on Freemind Podcast along with Samuel Sey

Here is another interview, not listed on his page, that gives more roundedness to his arguments.

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