“As August draws closer, I will continue to let myself dream of my baby and their future. I will continue to sing and read to my baby, and remind them that though this world can be dark and filled with selfish people, it also has real beauty and self-giving people as well. I will continue to pray for the health and safety of my baby and all soon to be mothers across the world who are facing the same challenges, or deeper ones, than I am. As scary as COVID-19 is I refuse to let it destroy the joy of the miracle and mystery that motherhood is.”

“As a fan, as a Little League alum., as a ‘stat nerd,’ baseball has provided me more joy over the years than I can put into words. But for MLB to play ball right now would be greedy, foolhardy, and dangerous; and worst of all, it would be our national pastime sending a terrible message to the rest of the country precisely at the time when we need moral leadership the most. So in the words of a century of Cubs’ fans, I’ll ‘wait ‘til next year.'”

“Studying the past can be a tricky thing. We can quantify data, put events on a timeline, and use any number of tools to see how the world we live in today has unfolded, to see how different events impacted one another, to look for patterns, and to use the lessons therein to make decisions about the future. However, in everyday life, while we may look at past events in passing, we rarely consider them methodically.”