Keep Your Voice Down: Aubrey Barnes

Aubrey "Aubs." Barnes

Alek and Doug return from yet another involuntary hiatus to chat with Rock Island, Illinois native and Creative Aubrey Barnes. The trio talks about Aubrey’s latest published work “it is Written. it is Good.”, their hip-hop and rap influences, mental health, education, open mics, rap battles, and antiracism.

You can follow Aubrey on Instagram @poeticaubs, learn more about him on his website, and see him perform live at next month’s Watershed Voice Artist Showcase.

“It is Good. It is Written.” by Aubs. Artwork by Moselle Singh.

The show’s theme is “Howling at the Moon” by D Fine Usand this week’s outro music is “Confidence” by WEARETHEGOOD. You can support Keep Your Voice Down with a donation here.

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