A new outdoor music event in downtown Three Rivers drew a full audience this past weekend. Backstage Bash 2020 was organized by the Riviera Theatre and the Three Rivers Downtown Development Authority and Main Street Program (TRDDA). It took place Saturday afternoon and evening on a temporarily closed section of Railroad Drive behind the theatre. Featuring four music acts, it served as a fundraiser for this year’s upcoming Christmas Around Town.

“What kind of a town is Three Rivers? If you are from here, and you’re seated next to a stranger on a plane, how do you describe this place? You can, of course, talk about its size and its location: ‘oh, it’s a little town in farm country about 35 minutes south of Kalamazoo.’ But what about its character? What things make it alike with, or set it apart from, other places? Where does it fit into the catalog of typical small towns across the United States? What would you say defines the essence of Three Rivers and makes it what it is?”